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The Chevers Report May, 2008

Planned Magic

I just got back from Disney World. Talk about great service!

I have always been impressed by Disney World. The attitude of all the employees, the attention to detail, the cleanliness of the park, the ease of getting around and all the other preparations they make to ensure that your time spent is one of having fun and enjoying yourself.

My impressions started the moment I approached Disney. Driving in, I was surprised to see a repair shop for cars in case you are having car trouble. I would never have thought of something like that, but of course that could be something that is needed given the thousands of cars that are driven into the park each day.

The speed with which a shuttle picks you up after you park your car is instantaneous. No waiting here!

The line to purchase tickets moves along with hardly a glitch. The monorail or the ferry to get you into the park is prompt, clean and quickly gets you to your destination.

Immediately you notice that everyone who works there is pleasant and professional. They wave to you, greet you and generally make you feel welcome.

I could take you step by step through my whole experience, but what amazed me the most was the afternoon parade down Main St.  It wasn’t the parade itself, but the aftermath that impressed me. There were hundreds of people lining the streets to watch the spectacle of Mickey and his friends on their floats, entertaining the crowds. People were waving, calling out to the characters and having a great time reliving their childhood memories or making new memories.

When the parade ended, the crowd had only begun to disperse and it was then that I was impressed by the planning that goes into everything that Disney does. As the spectators slowly made their way back to enjoying their day, a group of street sweepers began to go around with their brooms, sweeping up the spilled popcorn and other debris left behind by so many people. I watched as the crowd thinned and the huge vacuums were brought out to clear the streets. As I watched, it couldn’t have been 10 minutes before the streets were back to their pristine condition.

I had just witnessed magic. But it was planned magic. Disney had identified a potential black mark on their immaculate park and had scheduled their cast members to be on the ready for the instant the crowd began to thin out. Unobtrusively, they moved among the crowd to restore the order and cleanliness Disney is known for.

I wondered how many of us have identified the potential problem areas and have created a system or scheduled the staff or provided for the comfort of the customer to the level that Disney has. What a difference it would make in the level of service offered to your customer if we paid attention to the little opportunities to make their time with us easier and more enjoyable.


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