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The Chevers Report April 26 , 2007 

Volume #2 Edition # 2

Yankee Candle: Full of Surprises

One stellar customer service experience I had last month was when my two granddaughters and I wanted a snack while visiting the Yankee Candle store in Deerfield, MA. We went to the concession stand and I bought each of them a small treat and one bottle of lemonade for them to split. I then ordered a scone and a cup of tea for myself.

The woman behind the counter asked if I would like my scone heated. When you are juggling two toddlers, you don’t ask for extra service, so I was pleasantly surprised when she offered.

My surprises didn’t stop there. She had overheard that the lemonade was to be split, so she offered two cups with lids and straws. Again, surprise, but not overly. But then it got even better.

Since it was self serve and I had a tray of food to carry to a table that was situated about 20 feet away, she offered to carry the tray for me, even though it meant she had to leave her station. When we got to the table, she told me to wait a minute while she went and got a high chair for the littlest. When she got the chair situated, she told me to go and get the milk for my tea at the kiosk that held the condiments and she would stay with the kids.

When you have two children ages 3 and 4, you are often in awkward situations where you have to either take the kids with you or you go without what you want. To have someone be so kind and generous with their time, I was grateful beyond words.

I thanked her profusely, to which she replied, that she was only doing her job.

I found out that her name is Kathy and told her that the girls are with me most of the time when I go shopping or out to other places. No employee has gone out of their way as much as she did to help me out. She truly had gone above and beyond.


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