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The Chevers Report October 28 , 2005 

Volume # 1 Edition # 8

Great customer service can sometimes be
the most unexpected service.

When a service provider goes above and beyond, taking a routine situation and elevating it to unheard of heights, it deserves to be recorded.

I spoke at the Hilton Garden Inn, located in Springfield, MA, approximately 45 minutes from my office. After my speaking engagement, I wanted to use the ladies room, so I’d be comfortable on my drive back. Unfortunately, it was being cleaned at the time and there was a portable sign apologizing for any inconvenience to the customer, further stating, there would be a wait.

receptionistI decided to check with the front desk to see if there was another rest room available. The clerk said, no, that was the only facility since it was a small hotel. Before I had a chance to react, the clerk finished her sentence. She said, “But, we have 143 rooms and each of them has a bathroom. Why don’t you take this key and use the bathroom in room # 75.”

I was dumbfounded. In all the times I’ve been at hotels, never have I been offered to use a clean room. In fact, when trying to get a late check out, I sometimes get resistance. Even when I explain that all I want the room for is somewhere to change my clothes after I finish speaking.

What a difference in attitude. What a difference in the way I felt when I left the hotel. I have thought about that clerk and the service she offered many times. Through that small gesture, I have mentioned the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield multiple times in my speeches.

A small gesture to help a customer can reap tremendous rewards.

What small gestures are the employees at your business doing to make a huge impression on your customers?


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