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The Chevers Report May 8 , 2006 

Volume # 1 Edition # 14

CS Do's and Don'ts

Satisfaction GuaranteedDuring the last year's holiday season I went into my local Ames Department store. I picked up a couple of items for my Christmas display at home. I was fortunate enough to get into a line just as the person in front of me was paying for her purchases.

The clerk greeted me in a friendly, personal way. I was pleasantly surprised because this doesn’t usually happen at discount department stores. When she saw I was going to pay by check, she pointed out that I needed to have my phone number and street address on the check and had to show my drivers license. Again, I was impressed that she was so efficient as well as nice. Great customer service!!!

I was feeling pretty good, when as she handed me my receipt with a big smile, she called me “Darling”. She might as well have scraped her fingernails down a chalkboard. That one word negated all the good feelings I had toward her.

It is the little things that are apt to turn off our customers. Familiarity such as using words like “honey” “sweetheart” “darling” and such are huge negatives to most individuals.

I have asked many audiences their reaction to this type of familiarity and almost to a person, they react as I did with this young clerk.

The lesson to us all is that we have to watch the little things. Sloppy displays, dirty bathrooms, telephones that aren’t answered in a timely fashion, parking lots that aren’t well maintained, one rude employee or any number of those seemingly small details, can derail all the hard work we’ve done to satisfy the customer.

When was the last time you audited your business to find out what “small” things are potential turn offs to your customer?


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