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Is Your Attitude Worth Catching?

STOP the BS (Bad Service)

The Power of Managing Customer Expectations

Leadership for the New Millenium
Leadership for the New Millenium
New technology, information overload, new etiquette, globalization, political correctness, government regulations, self-directed teams, Re-engineering, merging, downsizing, right-sizing, lay offs!!*#!!

As we race towards the new millenium at warp speed, our leadership skills need to reflect the ever changing needs of our constituents.

In today's changing business environment employees are asking, "Can I keep up?" "How do I get control of my job?" "What is the customer looking for now?"

Your industry is changing. As your once-familiar world goes into a spiraling tailspin, you need new skills to save you from the "crash and burn" syndrome. You will need to develop these skills to cope, adapt, adjust and stay in control.


    Why we resist change
    How attitude affects change
    Using imagination and initiative
    Steps to effective change
    Managing employees through change

You can't stop change,
but you can learn to work with it.