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Is Your Attitude Worth Catching?

STOP the BS (Bad Service)

The Power of Managing Customer Expectations

Leadership for the New Millenium

Customer Service or Lip Service

Businesses that try to compete on price alone are doomed. The best competitive edge is providing exceptional service. This course examines the customer service elements that make a difference and ensures that participants have the essential tools in place to offer excellent customer service. It covers the areas of how to build customer loyalty, how to build customer rapport, how to build a team that WOWs the customer, how to deal with customer complaints, telephone skills, and how to develop standards that guarantee service that brings the customer back.

  1. Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction
    Four basic needs of the customer
    Uncovering customer needs
  2. Building Customer Rapport
    Dealing with different personality styles
    Communicating effectively
    Listening skills
  3. Everyone Sells
    Team efforts that pay off
    Creating synergy among staff
    Internal customer service
  4. Customer Complaints
    Dealing with the difficult customer
    Handling objections
  5. Telephone Techniques
    The importance of voice inflection
    Asking questions that elicit the information you need
    Telephone etiquette
  6. Developing Standards of Service
    Setting standards
    Establishing targets
    Reaching new goals