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STOP the BS (Bad Service)

The Power of Managing Customer Expectations

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No-Gimmick Sales Skills

It is important to make sales a comfortable and integral part of your company’s service responsibilities. Doing this will grow your company and put your customer at ease. With your customers feeling good about the process, your stress levels are decreased and your self-confidence is increased.

When an over emphasis is put on gimmicks, the customer feels manipulated and coerced. This can lead to making sales, but it doesn’t foster future business.

Most sales training focuses on selling techniques and gimmicks to gain results. The importance is placed on saying and doing the right thing in order to get the desired response from the customer.

What the use of scripts and pre-determined methods of interacting with the customer is encouraged, the sales person focuses too much on method and too little on the customer.
1. Planning 
2.  Building Relationships
3.  Obtaining Critical Information
4.  Developing Sales Solutions

5.  Negotiating Effectively
6.  Gaining Commitment and Excelling at Follow-up

7. Resolving Objections

8.  Applying the Sales Process