Margo Chevers
Northeast Leadership Enterprise
PO Box 281
Wales, MA 01081

Is Your Attitude Worth Catching?

STOP the BS (Bad Service)

The Power of Managing Customer Expectations

Leadership for the New Millenium

Leadership Is An Inside Job

Developing Leadership Skills is more than learning to plan and delegate. It takes time to develop the skills where you can project the influence and confidence necessary to where the team wants to follow your direction. The design of this program helps develop those skills. With accountability built in with homework assignments, weekly presentations given by participants and feedback shared on their development, each class builds on the previous one. Participants finish the 12 weeks with increased confidence, better communication skills improved team spirit, problem solving skills and improved focus. A personal plan of action is developed by each person who is involved. 

Course content
1. Developing Myself
2. Understanding My Leadership Style
3.  Setting Breakthrough Goals
4.  Communicating Effectively
5. Achieving Great Interpersonal Relationships
6.  Problem Solving
7.  Team Building 
8.  Negotiating Effectively
9.  Coaching Skills 
10.  Achieving Peak Performance

11. Developing Sales Solutions
12.  Assessing Results